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Welcome! My name is Lindsay Henkle, but everyone calls me Liz. My hubby and I moved to State Center, Iowa in December of 2023 after being in Maxwell since the summer of 2018. We welcomed a baby boy in October of 2022 and due to unforeseen circumstances I became a stay at home mom at the end of January 2023. I decided now was the best time to take a chance on my two passions: Editing & Baking and try to jump start my own business. Liz's Mixes is almost a year old, but The Blue Pen Editor has been around since 2017. 
I started looking into making my own mixes not long after I realized my lactose intolerance had expanded to include cheese of any kind and every store bought mix had either a dairy additive or cheese. When we found out my son had inherited a more severe version of my dairy issue I decided to step up my efforts. For a long time I cut out all of these store bought items and went without, until budgeting due to less income made me rethink making those items at home. With that Liz's Mixes was born. You will find mixes of all kinds here at Liz's Mixes including options that have no dairy, no gluten, lower sodium, etc. All baking mixes can be used with an alternate milk as well. If you have an additional allergy I can work with you to create mixes that you won't find in the store or if you do they will be expensive with additives you want to avoid. I can help you enjoy your baking and cooking without breaking the bank or dealing with additives that have 6 syllables.
Please reach out if you have any questions and welcome once again to Liz's Mixes!

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