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Why Should You Choose
Liz's Mixes?

"What does dairy free mean for someone who does not have any dietary issues?"I get this question or a version of this question made into a statement quite often. I wanted to take a minute and explain why dairy free products are for everyone.According to the National Library of Medicine 65% of the human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose (dairy products) after infancy. What that means is roughly 40 million people in the United States alone have issues digesting dairy.What if you don't have any dairy issues? Our mixes are completely additive free! That means no long words you can't say or spell. We use simple ingredients to make our simply delicious mixes. If you can have dairy, feel free to use regular milk, butter, sour cream etc in your mixes.Just because you don't need a dairy free mix doesn't mean you can't use our mixes to decrease the amount of additives you are putting into your body. If you have any questions about dairy alternatives, our mixes or anything at all feel free to contact me. I am always willing to help!

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